OPTIMIST YEAR 2019 -2020  

Governor's Message

October 17, 2019


Hello Fellow Optimists and Friends,


The “Imagine........All the Children” year if off and running.  We are into the first month, we have had our 1st Qtr. Conference and we are well on our way to sharing Optimism throughout the West Missouri District for the rest of the year.


1st Qtr Conference was great!  I was excited, of course, for the first one.  We tried a few new things, we had some fun, we listened to OI President Adrian on video and heard some motivational advise from Jermaine Harris via video.  We learned and we played and we visited with each other.  I am so proud to be part of an organization that is made up of such caring and dedicated people who work so hard for the children of their communities.


Last week I congratulated Lee's Summit for jumping out and adding 8 new members the first week!  This week, Adrian added 3.  So good to see new folks joining in.  Keep it up everyone!


I want to congratulate the Warrensburg Club on a good looking building they just completed in their park.  Lots of hours of work there.  Any of the other clubs that have done a project or activity, send me some info and you never know, you might be mentioned right here!!!


Just a reminder we would really like to see all the clubs participate in the A&A (Awards and Achievements) for their clubs.  Chairperson Bellenda is adding some new features this year to give all the clubs a better chance of earning more points.  But we need to remember, the real importance of the A&A Program is to provide important information to OI on how many children have been affected by the work of the Optimist Clubs.  These number are used to support our non-profit status and to show how much the clubs truly do in their communities.


2nd Qtr. Conference will be held February 8-9, 2020 at the State Fair Motor Inn in Sedalia, MO.  Plan now to attend.  Get your reservations made as soon as you can.  We should all be working on Substance Abuse Poster contests at our schools and preparing for Essay and  Oratorical contests coming up. Go to the Conference & Convention Schedule to Download the 2nd Quarter Call Letter, detailed schedule and registration Form.


“Imagine..........all the Children” that benefit when we work hard!


Way to go WEMO,


Sandi Cox

WEMO Governor